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Croniz Mobile App: Solution to all your Fundraising & Marketplace Needs

We are a mobile application platform for crowdfunding and marketplace helping
people connect globally. Croniz can help you create social impact with easy
accessibility to online fundraising for diversified requirements including
philanthropy and celebrity projects, sponsorships and more. We also serve as an
online marketplace for users to trade products and services among international
Our platform empowers communities by negating distance-related concerns with
online peer-to-peer fundraising and online classifieds support for necessary
causes. By creating your profile on Croniz platform, you too can be a part of an
exceptional crowdfunding and marketplace experience that strongly focuses on
assistance, companionship and support. Join us and be a part of the Croniz
family to lead the way for social good by raising funds for your most important

Raising Funds with Your Followers and Fanbase Made Easier.

With the Croniz platform, you can run fundraising campaigns for all kinds of
personal, professional, business, etc. projects and for diversified demographics
for larger exposure. The mobile application aspect of Croniz offers you enhanced
accessibility and convenience. It facilitates the creation of fundraising campaigns
from any location you prefer. Whether you are an individual or a nonprofit
organization looking to raise funds, we can bridge the gap to get you timely
financial resources for your dedicated causes in charity, volunteering or any other
project. Be a game-changer with the best tools in fundraising at your fingertips.

Croniz Marketplace - Doing Business Without Borders!

Croniz Marketplace is our online platform for users to advertise, sell and
purchase their products and services that can help them achieve best rates for
their offerings. With our multi-faceted feature support, users can trade their
products and services globally through a simplified process involving only a few

About Us

We, Croniz are a mobile application platform based in San Diego, CA and offer crowdfunding and marketplace feature support to empower our users with worldwide connectivity. We aim to bring diversified groups committed to humanitarian causes and specialized projects together to empower communities and create a significant social impact.

Who can use croniz mobile app?

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How It Works

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